Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thursday, Friday, and Today

I did go to the gym Thursday, and the workout was subpar; I took longer rest periods between sets, and my head was pounding the entire time. However, the weights went up slightly, and the next morning I woke up with no ill effects from Thursday's walk in the blazing sun. Man-in-charge wasn't there on Thursday, but woman-in-charge was. More on her later. The gym was quiet, but I am beginning to recognize some of the regulars.

I had an excellent workout on Friday (back/pull). It's interesting how the tenor of the gym changes depending on the members that are there at any given time. On Friday the gym was filled with teenage boys. They were hilarious, all of them trying to get the attention of man-in-charge at the same time. Fortunately I wasn't doing anything that required a spot, because there's no way way they would have left him alone long enough for him to give me one. Other than the gaggle of boys, woman-in-charge was also there, this time working out. Now, when she is not working out and just supervising the gym, she wears a long sleeve, long pant tracksuit. You can tell she has an athlete's body, you just can't tell how good it is. But while working out she wore a skimpy (not slutty!) black two piece outfit, and the muscles on her were stunning. I don't mean that in a chemically-assisted way, but rather in the way that an athlete who has clearly been doing this for a long time has a lot of quality muscle mass. Very inspirational.

Prior to Friday's gym visit I went to the supermarket to stock up on cottage cheese, and following the workout I went to the market. I bought four peaches, a kilo of loquats and my first watermelon of the season. The fruit and veggies in Israel are always amazing, but especially now. There are few things that compare to cold, fresh loquats. There were fresh figs, but I decided to wait a week since this was their first appearance and they were still somewhat outside the budget. I got home, washed all the fruit and veggies, washed and chopped lettuce, re-organized my shelf in the fridge, and generally felt ridiculously pleased with myself. :-)

I also got my Friday chocolate splurge. I usually have some sort of chocolate on Friday. Thus far it has been 85g of milk chocolate, but I realised during the week that the quantity was more than I needed to make me feel satisfied. I was worried about downsizing the splurge; I didn't want to do anything that would have me wake up on Saturday and regret not having the entire amount of chocolate the previous day. I finally decided to get the smaller chocolate (40g), and promised myself that if my lizard brain started playing stupid mental games the next day, along the lines of "you didn't have the chocolate yesterday, have some junk today", I'd go back to the larger amount. I think it was a success; the 40g chocolate hit the spot. I'll see how I feel about it next Friday.

Oh, yeah. Happy birthday to me. :-)


At 4:55 PM , Anonymous dietgirl said...

happpyyyyyyy birthday! :)

At 8:41 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Happy bday! And congrats on the chocolate moderation. I'm impressed.


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