Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Three Annoying Things

1st annoying thing: I brought cottage cheese with me to school, as usual. The container had a best-before date of tomorrow, but the cheese had gone off, which meant that one of my planned meals had vanished.

2nd annoying thing: During the break in my afternoon class, I took out my big container of sliced red, greeen and yellow peppers, put it beside the green tea and the 1L water bottle, and started eating. The woman on my left goes:
"Oh, you're so healthy,"
"Me?" I say innocently.
"I can't eat fruit and vegetables, they just don't fill me up" she says.
This would not have annoyed me so much if this woman had not just given birth six weeks ago, and looks like she has never been pregnant. I realise that this is her reality; her metabolism is such that six weeks post-pregnancy she is not carrying weight. But you know how sometimes things someone says can rub you the wrong way, even if they mean nothing by it.

3rd annoying thing: in this class, the professor had us do qualitative interviews. Each person does two, and then two people share their data, so that each person writes a paper about four interviews. Prof had actively discouraged us from doing all four interviews ourselves. Today, prof asks if anyone is willing to present some of their findings. Whaddya know, the only person who is ready to do so is the guy who did all four interviews himself. I am annoyed at myself, because I told myself at the time to do my own research and not rely on anyone else for data.

So on the way to the bus I stop and buy a chocolate bar: 204 kcal, 4.2g prot, 22.4g carb, 11.7g fat. Nothing earth shattering, and it did take three annoying things rather than one, but dammit, this is not mature behaviour.

Bah. Ok. I'm calm now. I have an egg white and oatmeal omelette waiting, and I can take out my annoyance at the gym later tonight.


At 8:46 PM , Blogger chaos said...

I've stopped eating lunch in the common space because of comments like these. I am the heaviest person in the department by a good 30lbs. So you can imagine the astonishment when people see the uber-healthy lunch and/or dinner I eat. I couldn't take it anymore, so I took my food outside. Plus, my skinny friends eat absolute junk. And my pouty fat girl doesn't think that is fair. At all.


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