Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Stupidity Moment

School ended at 2:30pm today, and I went to the nearby supermarket to get veggies. I was sitting at the bus stop with my purchases when I decided that there is no reason to sit there when I could simply walk home. So I started walking. Started at 2:35pm, got home at 3:18pm; a nice brisk 43 minute walk that included some uphill stretches. Problem was, unbeknownst to me, it was 31C (87F) in Jerusalem today, and I had no hat, and sunscreen only on my face. I was also carrying my laptop on my back and groceries in my hands. I had the cd player with the music going and I didn't want to stop. I walked on the shady side of the street whenever possible, but I still got home with sweat dripping down my face and soaking my shirt. Note to self; check the weather before leaving the house in the morning, and acquire hat, more sunscreen, and sunglasses before doing something that boneheadedly, unbelievably stupid again. Fortunately I was hydrated before I started; I'd drunk 2.5 litres that morning in school. Got home and immediately started drinking water. I feel fine now, but I have to shake my head at myself. The cold in Jerusalem hits you harder than elsewhere, and the heat does too.

Gym was good last night. Slight increases on all weights. I was tired due to lack of sleep, but things still went well. TurkeyGuy was there too (he's too loud to not notice). I'm standing at the squat rack getting ready to do my second or third set, when I hear him. He said hello, which I returned; one must encourage polite behaviour. A woman who has not seen him for awhile comes over and greets him warmly, and the two of them proceed to have a conversation behind me and off to the side - a.k.a directly in the intended path of the bar! Can you say oblivious? Sheesh. I said "excuse me" quietly and they moved. In TurkeyGuy's defense, he did do back exercises (wonder of wonders). I distinctly saw assisted pull-ups. I still think that if he would shut up, he probably could do unassisted pullups. He talked and talked and talked. I wasn't looking at him during 99.99% of my workout, but I could hear him pretty much the entire time. In contrast, there were two guys there who were lean, focused, and did their workouts without saying more than seven words between them, if that. One of them was doing footwork drills for boxing. moving incredibly fast. Sweet. I admire coordination in other people. Me, I'm working on keeping my balance during freestanding calf raises.

Off to rest and drink more water.


At 4:49 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

I've seen people use an unloaded bar from a barbell to balance with while doing calf raises, holding it like a staff. I try not to do that because then I'm not using my muscles to balance, but I can see the rationale. I find if I do calf raises with a dumbbell in each hand, that helps balance me. I guess it helps lower my center of gravity or something.


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