Monday, May 09, 2005

Still Sick

The one and only fringe benefit of staying home from school on Sunday was that I got to see The Last Samurai on TV. I like that movie. Add to list of movies to buy once I am settled somewhere and own an all-region DVD player. And a pox on stupid entertainment companies that force you to only play DVDs from one region on your laptop.

I am _not_ a happy camper when sick; certainly not when my sinuses and colourful phlegm are involved. Blech. Thank god that my Monday classes at Hebrew U have good lecturers. After class I went with my study partner to the library to get next week's readings. Finally got home at 9:23pm, too late to get to the gym which closes at 10:30pm. The problem is that the gym will have at least two early closings and one closed day this week: Wednesday is Memorial Day for those killed in wars and terrorist attacks, and Thursday is Independence Day. So my exercising options are shrinking even if I wasn't too tired to exercise them (pun so not intended).

On a happier note, I dropped into the WW meeting this morning and found out that I was down 200g (just under 1/2 a pound). Fine by me. It's not the amount but the direction, and thus far it is down. I didn't stay for the blather. Group leader was late again, coming in at 9:11, and I was in no mood to spend any more of my time there.


At 9:13 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Whoa-hoa, congrats on the lose! I'm such a stickler when it comes to time and tardiness. My time is valuable, I treat other people's time with respect, and I expect to be extended the same. In other words, get there on time, or I'm leaving.


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