Saturday, May 28, 2005

Odds and Ends

Why am I up at half past midnight? Maybe because I closed my eyes for a five minute rest on Saturday, and ended up napping for two hours. Can you say tired?

I went to the gym last Thursday, and then on Friday morning went to Tel Aviv to meet some people for breakfast. Breakfast was at the Aroma Cafe which is located on Weitzman Street, inside a little mall. After breakfast I wandered around the mall and stepped into a lingerie store. They had gorgeous bras, Chantelle and Lejaby. Fruit and veggies in Israel may be incredibly cheap, but fancy bras are expensive. The one I tried on was 400NIS ($91 US), and there was an even more beautiful one for 500+NIS ($115 US). I'm used to going to a Walmart in Toronto and spending around $25 for your average no frills Wonderbra, so you can imagine the sticker shock. I decided to avoid spending the money until I stabilize at a size, or until my current ones become totally useless.

I made it back to Jerusalem in time to go to the market. I got green and red peppers, kholrabi, and apples. Also bought a melon and ate half of it on Friday and half on Saturday. It was delicious.

I may be going to Australia in August. They have gyms in Melbourne, don't they?

Some reading:

Funny: The Love of A Good Woman at the Spoons Experience.

Serious: Medicalizing and Moralizing at Tech Central Station. I don't necessarily agree with the whole thing, but I think the point about the children is a good one.


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