Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Kingdom for a Fork

Stayed home from school yesterday and rested. This sinus thing gives new meaning to "yearning to breathe free" line. In the evening I went to the gym and did a chest workout. It felt good throughout. Minor annoyance: someone was painting the entrance to the building where the gym is located, and the fumes did not make life easier for my recovering respiratory system.

Everyone in the gym was doing what I like to call "ego-free lifting"; decent weight, perfect form. One guy was doing squats with 200+lbs, someone else was doing very smooth good mornings. There was one guy there who was wearing runner's shorts (the kind male runners wear in the Olympics) and did he ever have the right to them: great quads, great hamstrings. He was also easy on the eyes; nicely proportioned, bald... did I mention that I think Yul Brynner was a very handsome man?

Post-workout, I headed to the pricey supermarket to get foodstuffs for today. Cheap supermarket is unfortunately only open till 9:00pm on Tuesdays, while pricey supermarket is open till midnight. I then proceeded to shop with a mind to filling today's lunch bag. I emerged from the supermarket with:

One green pepper
One red pepper
One yellow pepper
One kohlrabi
One cucumber
One Granny Smith apple
One Starking apple
One Spadone pear
One 250g container of 0.5% cottage cheese
One blue plastic coldpack to keep everything cool (a mere 6NIS; I was not expecting to find it so it was a pleasant surprise).

Got home and all I wanted to do was drop into bed, but I had an antibiotic to take and it had to be taken on a full stomach, so... boiled water, put 1/3 cup of one-minute oatmeal into bowl, added 2/3 cup of the boiling water, stirred, put in microwave for 30 seconds. Chopped apple, added to bowl, sprinkled with cinnamon. Ta-da, dinner. I prefer the 15 minute old fashioned oatmeal, but I haven't found one in this counry that I like yet. The only Quaker Oats here are 1-minute white oats, product of Holland.

Put cold pack in freezer, washed all the produce, chopped the peppers into strips, sliced the cucumber, cut the kohlrabi into amusing trapezoid chunks, stored all veggies in Keter (Israeli plasticware company, think Rubbermaid-ish) containers. Added a large handful of the bean sprouts I bought on Friday. Put everything in fridge. Lunch bag went on top of the dining room table, easy-open tin of oil packed tuna and my big thermal cup went into lunch bag. One side pocket of lunch bag holds an assortment of green tea, the other side pocket holds fish oil capsules. All this took time, and I finally went to bed just after midnight, but I'm trying to establish a habit here, one six meals at a time. Of course, she who tries to organize a lunch bag in a state of exhaustion will realize the next day that she forgot to pack cutlery...

I'm still a bit tired since I woke up at 5:45am this morning. Breakfast was identical to last night's dinner. It's a triad: exercise, nutrition, sleep. Once I get all three down, I will have reached the Promised Land. Wait, I am in the Promised Land. (Yes, that was awful, but I'm tired, I hear the tuna calling and I need to find a fork.)


At 7:05 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Ah, great entry, Mich, thank you. I can relate to all the prep work behind eating right and exercising. Your meal sounds amazing! I must confess: I have a thing for bald guys, too.


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