Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Weigh-in

No change at this morning's weigh-in. I'm not concerned. Nutrition was good this week, exercise was good this week, and patience, as we all know, is a virtue.

The meeting was silly. Group leader was late again, and her lecture had far too many platitudes with a tinge of Atkins-bashing thrown in for good measure. Why do people feel it necessary to look down on other people's methods? At one point she asked, "who among us hasn't done the shakes and the pills?". Um, me? Why assume that everyone has succumbed to every stupid thing on the market?

In addition, there were logistical issues. The meeting is held in a community centre which has two entrances. Each entrance leads into an activity room, and one can get from one room to another by walking through the hallway. However only one of these entrances was open; the other was locked. Now, one room is used for the WW meeting and the other for some other group's exercise class. What this meant is that people who arrived after 0900 had to walk through the room in which the exercise class was being held in order to get to the meeting. The lady leading the exercise class was not impressed and started screaming at them, and then locked the door to her room, making it impossible for the late arrivals to get into the building and get to the meeting. The whole thing was ridiculous.

I think next week I might just do the weigh-in and leave after that.


At 10:41 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Well, skipping the meeting part would certainly reduce the drama in your life! Great attitude about the weight loss. It will come. Hope the paper writing is going well. I'll be interested to hear how you handled the stress.


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