Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Morning WW Meeting

Another 0.5Kg down, which means that for the past month or so, (since 04-25-2005) I have either maintained or dropped; a pattern I very much like.

The group leader was on time; I nearly fainted from the shock.

The lecture wasn't particularly helpful; it dealt with how to handle difficult days or moments, and the suggestion was to write down everything even if it is outside your points budget, or to eat less the following days. I tune out during this part, because I don't do their nutrional program. Group leader did mention me at one point, because I am very relaxed when I get on the scale. There are ladies at the meeting who get very stressed when they get on the scale. Group leader usually asks me what I expect to see, and I usually answer that I have no expectations. Whatever comes comes. At this point in my life I am not a scale-defined person. I haven't told her that the numbers that matter to me right now are the ones on the sides of weight plates.

Still, it was nice seeing the other ladies. I was sitting next to one of the francophones so I got to practice my halting French. She lives not too far from me, so we might get together for walks sometimes (after my gym workout, of course).

I have four weeks left in the membership, and I haven't decided if I am going to buy more weeks. It depends on the budget. June 1 I pay three months' worth of rent, so I am being very diligent about savings. (This pattern of paying three months at a time instead of month-by-month is not unusual in Jerusalem).

I capped off a great birthday yesterday by going to the gym and increasing my weights in all my chest/push exercises. During the day I got e-cards from friends and family, and my parents (who are in Canada) sent me a huge bouquet of flowers from this Jerusalem flower shop. My study partner H took me out to lunch: we had hummus and ground meat; lots of protein and good fats).

Off to the supermarket to get some red and yellow peppers. I need some more colour in the lunch bag.


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