Monday, April 25, 2005

The Right Direction

That would be down... :-) 2 Kg down, to be precise, a.k.a 4.4 lbs.

I woke up at 8:30am, having slept through my 7:00am alarm. I got my things together and made it to my 9:00am WW meeting. Attendance was sparse, unsurprisingly. We are in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Pesach, and many people have vacation during this time. I knew I lost weight this week, but I wasn't sure how much. Group leader was much impressed. Most people gain weight over Pesach. I haven't told her that I'm not actually following the WW points thing, but that I am using the weekly meetings as a mental check-in. The loss isn't quite as big as it seems, because I normally have breakfast before the meeting, but today I had no time to eat before running out the door.

Now, why am I down 2 Kg? Part of it was the pre-Pesach cleaning frenzy and running around. I did a lot of walking, and while I was cleaning the windows of the apartment I felt like the Karate Kid (dear God is that movie really over 20 years old?); wax-on, wax-off... I drank tons of water. We had some very hot days here in Jerusalem, so that wasn't difficult. My veggie consumption is way up. I ate veggies before going to the Seder (festive holiday dinner) and I responded with a good-humoured-yet-firm NO when my host tried to get me to eat more. Basically, host wanted all the guests to eat more so that he wouldn't have to store the food. I pointed out to him that his storage issues are not my problem. He's a bachelor, btw, he has _nothing_ in the fridge.

After the meeting, I went to buy groceries. The supermarket looks very interesting during Pesach, as all the non-kosher-for-Pesach food has been covered up, and only the kosher-for-Pesach food is accessible. I re-read Berardi's Kitchen Part I yesterday, just to keep my mind on healthy food. I got eggs, green tea, walnuts, cheese... I can't have oatmeal during Pesach, but I found a whole wheat high fibre matzah (5.4g of fibre per matzah). This is going to be my healthiest Pesach ever.

I also have a new goal. My birthday is May 22, and I want to be at 165lbs by then.


At 12:27 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Congrats on the loss! Great bday goal, sounds like if you keep up the good work you will be sucessful!


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