Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day Three in the Gym

The gym was very quiet tonight; four dedicated people including me :-) . I expect it will be swamped on Sunday as many people use the end of Pesach as a trigger to start eating well and exercising; it's similar to the January rush in North America.

Day three of my program is hip dominant: first deadlifts, both regular and partial, then lying hamstring curls, and then single leg cable hip extensions, except that I do mine standing straight, with all the movement happening below the waist. This is all topped off with ab work. The workout was the easiest day thus far, but as Man-in-Charge said, next week we start training seriously.

In anticipation, I started taking fish oil capsules again. I brought some with me from Canada and they've been sitting in the closet, keeping my shelves healthy, no doubt. Fish oil capsules are available in Israel; pretty much everything is. Maybe I should look into finding kosher protein powder.

I got home from the gym and put in a load of laundry; see how organized this exercising business is making me?


At 7:35 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Yeah, the thing I am probably most surprised about in this weight loss thing is the impact it has on the rest of my life. I am so much more organized and together in general now that I exercise and eat well. Strange.


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