Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Conversation With D

So I went to see the other apartment today. It is a 13 minute walk from Pardes, and that's at my slowpoke pace, obeying all traffic rules (meaning, no jaywalking). It is pretty. The room is big and airy. I went from there to the gym that is across the road, more or less. It was a five minute walk, if that. However, the gym was disappointing. Its main attraction is the pool, but there's no way that I would go swimming on a regular basis. I don't like swimming. The fitness room is small, and has treadmills, two bikes, a couple of weight machines (lat pull down, pec deck), a Smith machine and one bench. There is also a depressingly small collection of dumbells. So no go on the gym, which makes it hard to say yes to the apartment.

I was sitting at school today, reading the weight loss blogs listed there on the right. I check them all every day to see what's new. One of my classmates, whom we'll call D, comes by and sees what I am looking at, and asks if I am on a diet. I tell him that I don't do diets, but that I plan to start working out. Doing what? he asks. Lifting weights, I say. But that will make you bigger, he says.


Now D is a nice guy, who helps out his fellow classmates when they need it, so I remained polite while I told him that he was spouting 1970s nonsense. (I think I remained polite, at any rate). And he wants to lost weight. He says he has 30Kg to lose. I don't know if that's right, but it is certainly in the ballpark. Anyways, once I calmed down I sent him a couple of links about lifting, nutrition and motivation, including my fave motivational piece from T-Mag, Merry Christmas Bob.

I think I find fat men more incomprehensible than fat women. After all, men have all that extra lean body mass; that's like a special bonus from God, no? And their bodies don't hold on to a higher fat percentage for some future baby. Of course this is exceedingly unfair on my part, because both men and women have their own issues. It occurs to me that I should ask D if he wants to get together for a walk or a workout.

I was snippier with D than I normally would be because I was angry at myself. I made lousy food choices all day; it was the never-ending lousy carbohydrate festival today. And the water intake was... well, multiple oys on the oy vey scale. I redeemed things somewhat by going to the supermarket and getting milk and cottage cheese and some other stuff so that I can make lunch tomorrow.

In one sense the conversation with D was a good thing. Now I have to get my stuff together because, if I don't lose weight, then the credibility of what I told him and sent him is suspect.

Here's a promise for tomorrow. I will go to that gym I visited seven months ago, and if the price is what I remember it to be, I will sign up for a month. Just one month. And let's see what I can do.


At 10:20 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Hello! Just found your blog and it looks like you are up to great things here. Did you go back to the gym? How was it?

At 4:09 AM , Blogger Mich said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I didn't quite make it to the gym the next day, but there's still hope.


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