Friday, April 01, 2005


I changed the blog template to reflect Jerusalem date and time. Also changed the comment settings so that registration is not required for commenting. I've been reading several weight loss and fitness blogs over the past month, and I'm going to add links to them shortly. I'll also add links to other blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis.

Went to the shuk and picked up red peppers, cucumbers, apples and artichokes. I have a craving for artichokes, and they're good cold or warm, which means that once they're cooked, I can pack them for lunch. On the way I realised that I forgot to eat lunch before leaving the apartment, so I stopped and picked up some sushi, and washed it down with persimmon juice. Yes, persimmon. There's a little juice bar at the corner of Ben Yehuda and King George Streets that makes fresh fruit juices for you on the spot. I felt like something a little more interesting than carrot or orange. I checked out the price of a bathrobe. A long hooded terrycloth one will run me 185NIS, with one word embroidered free. I thought about having GW=130 embroidered on it, but decided to wait and check out the other stores because the store didn't have red or black. The only colours they had which I liked were burgundy, dark green and bright fuschia.

On the way back I sat down at a cafe on the midrachov and had an "ice cafe", which is really coffee slush. I had bought the bus pass after all, but I decided to walk home. So I put in the earphones, turned on the discman, and marched home to the music of Shania Twain. The thing about the bus pass is that it is not only a convenience but also a statement. It says: "I am not afraid of scumbag suicide bombers who blow up buses, and I will continue to take buses as long as I live in Jerusalem". While at the cafe I did some work on the paper, too.


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