Monday, April 11, 2005


I wonder if I'm just afraid of breaking 170 lbs, because that would mean that I've actually made a real commitment to losing weight. Unsurprisingly, I was up 600g this week, which is about 1.5 lbs, so I am at 78.6 Kg or 173.3 lbs. Ok. Back on the horse and let's try this again. I've created a progress details post that I will update from week to week, so that when I am finally at my goal [note the optimism] I can look back and say, hey, wouldn't it have made more sense to do this on a consistent downward trend, rather than up and down like an effing sine wave?

New goal: do not have two weeks of gain in a row.

Not a stellar start today; after the meeting I went to the pedestrian mall intending to pick up some sushi for lunch, so that I wouldn't eat a schnitzel at the university. Sushi guys were closed. I asked the store next door where his neighbour was. He said that sushi guys open at noon or thereabouts. I was annoyed on top of annoyed. I was annoyed at the topic of the WW meeting (motivation, and other people bugging you about your weight) and I was annoyed at sushi guy not being there. So I went and had ice cream and then a Kinder Country chocolate bar. Can we say dumb? Yup. As a doorpost.

Tomorrow I go and see the possible apartment for next year. It is across the road (more or less) from a gym. After I see the apartment I will go check out the gym too.

I walked home from Pardes (my other school) yesterday. Lots of little uphill stretches; I had music in my ears (KISS: Smashes, Thrashes and Hits, a cd that I used to love lifting weights to.) and I actually enjoyed the walk very much. The sun was shining and it was generally a lovely day.

I need to buy eggs and milk tonight, and pack lunch for tomorrow. We're having a special workshop and the school is providing lunch, which will undoubtedly be yummy and unhealthy.


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