Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sushi for Breakfast

Sometime last night, I decided that I was no longer worrying about the damn paper. It will be done for Sunday, not for tomorrow, and let the grades fall (ahem) where they may. I was not going to mess up my sleep _and_ my eating habits _and_ all my other reponsibilities because two profs are being neither professional nor decent.

My flatmate was having guests, so I went downtown to find a wireless connection and work on the paper. I stopped at Go Sushi before returning home and picked up salmon & avocado maki for this morning, so that I would not feel disappointed with not eating a big doughy bagel/pretzel thing and a morning coffee at the university. It worked :-) I think I should have sushi for breakfast more often.

My morning class today was sparsely attended, because at least three people skipped the class in order to write the stupid paper. One of them text-messaged me to ask if she could have my notes for the class she was missing. I said yes. That was just the first request. Four different people asked for my notes for different courses today, because the word has started to spread that I take excellent notes. Which I do. I find that taking detailed, organized notes, with colour highlights and various fonts to emphasize things helps me stay engaged with the class. I don't drift off if I am completely focused on listening, re-stating and typing. I told all the notes-requesters that if the two nasty profs decide to fail me and toss me out of the university, I am coming to them (the notes-requesters) and getting them to sign a petition to keep me in the university on the basis of my note-taking skills... :-) Everyone readily agreed to this condition.

The good: I am writing down everything I eat; that's four days of consistent journalling. I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day; today was closer to 3 litres. I am eating breakfast every day. I am going to sleep at a more decent hour.

The bad: well, I already wrote about yesterday's binge. And I need to focus so that it does not recur between now and Sunday. Also, still no regular exercise.

The weather has improved markedly, so it is warm enough to start walking to school again rather than taking the bus. Tomorrow at midnight we switch to daylight savings time, which should inspire me to integrate a nightly walk into the schedule. I think I will not buy a monthly bus pass for April. That way I am more likely to walk to school and to downtown. I also bought a yoga book online, and in about two weeks, friends will be coming from North America and bringing the book with them (assuming they get it in time). That should make for a good start,

Lunch at the university was chicken breast, no mayo cabbage salad and mashed potatoes. And a can of Coke (330mL) which is better than a bottle (500mL), but clearly not ideal. I downgraded from a big coffee to a small coffee at the afternoon break.

I have to buy a printer. I'm leaniing towards a Canon or HP. I don't want to spend more than 500 NIS (about $120 USD), since I will only be using it for a year and a half before I leave for North America, and I will likely give it away at that time to one of the new students entering my program.

Tomorrow my class will visit the new museum at Yad Vashem. It has only been open for a month or so, so we are among the first visitors to see it.


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