Sunday, March 20, 2005

Quick Shuk Visit

I've set myself the goal of blogging every day except Shabbat; on the seventh day I rest...

I went to the Machane Yehuda market, a.k.a the shuk, this afternoon. I love the shuk. I go every Friday, but going during the week has its advantages. For one thing, it is not as insanely crowded. On Friday everyone is trying to get their shopping done before Shabbat, and the place is a madhouse.

Today was a gorgeous day in Jerusalem, sunny and 18 degrees Celsius, and the market was busy. This coming weekend is the Jewish holiday of Purim. One of the customs is sending gifts of food (at least two different types of food) to one's friends, and this usually but not always means baskets full of candies and chocolates and other sweets. The market is full of sweets, and there are vendors selling pre-made gift baskets, as well as vendors selling empty baskets and festive wrappings so that you can make up your own baskets.

I haven't decided to whom I shall send a basket this year. It isn't a custom I followed when I was in Canada. I think that my chevruta (Talmud study partner) deserves one. Maybe I will put together a "healthy" basket, with fruit and granola bars and juice rather than lollipops and chocolate covered cereal clusters.

For now, I bypassed the chocolates and candies at the shuk and got red peppers and yellow peppers. I also got dish towels, which I have no plans to eat, but which I thought would come in handy to dry the vegetables. I stopped at the conventional supermarket on the way home and picked up a bag of milk. Yes, one bag. They sell the bags individually here.

The first Weight Watchers (or Shomrey Mishkal, as they are called in Hebrew, lit. those who guard the weight/scale) meeting is tomorrow morning. I'll report from the trenches tomorrow.


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