Sunday, March 27, 2005


A gorgeous day in Jerusalem today; t-shirt weather. The midrachov was packed with people celebrating Purim. Lots of costumes and partial costumes, many homemade. Lots of angels, with little tinsel halos and wings, a couple of devils, with red/black spandex and pitchforks. The kids were adorable; lots of pirates, indians, police officers, and various animals. I saw a bear and a ladybug. Lots of girls in frilly tulle dresses being princesses, fairies, Queen Esthers. One lady was Art, I think, she had a white top with lots of paint squiggles on it, and paintbrushes in her hair. Some folks eschewed the full costumes and just wore ridiculous hats or sparkly makeup.

My flatmate gave me a mishloach manot with four different types of Kinder chocolates. I also ran into one of my classmates on the street and she gave me a mishloach manot with chocolate, fruit, cookies and a couple of gummy things. I made a basket for each of my flatmates with different types of chocolate and candy bars, and one for my cousin with chocolate and a bottle of wine.

WW meeting tomorrow morning, so I will finally know how much I weigh. I'll update stats and goals tomorrow.


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