Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Paper Stress = Food

The paper that is due March 31 is stressing me out, and as a result I am eating my way through the day. What annoys me is the sheer inconsistency and power-tripping of the two professors in question. People who did not ask them for an extension are operating under the impression that the deadline is the school's official deadline of April 3. People who did ask for an extension got zapped with a terse e-mail from the profs saying that the "final final deadline" is March 31. Finally, there are those people who for whatever reason did get an extension. One guy got an extension to April 7; but he has no idea why his request was treated differently than everyone else's, and another person got an extension till May. I didn't ask her why she got such a long extension, but I am guessing that it's because she has known the female prof socially for a long time. Here's to fairness and even-handedness.

To this silliness add the fact that even if the paper lands in the professors' mailbox on Thursday evening, they are not going to see it till Sunday morning. The university is pretty quiet on Friday, and the next business day, when they will actually pick up the papers, is Sunday. So in essence, forcing some of us to complete this paper for March 31 is nothing but their idea of fun. Cretins.

Of course, I am making it worse by using food for stress-relief. That's not the fault of the two scummy profs, that's my fault.

One bright spot, it is 3:37pm and I've already finished two litres of water and have started the third.


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