Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday Monday

Went to my second WW meeting today, first meeting as a paid up member. Total damage for registration and 13 meetings, 864NIS. The attendance was lower than last time, but was still very respectable. Maybe people were reluctant to come after the sweets-feast that is Purim. My plan to not tell anyone [except for my sister and the internet...] that I joined WW fell apart, since who should walk in but the wife of one of my classmates. It was her first time, and she was there to shed some post-pregnancy weight.

I weighed in (see stats to the right) and was pleasently surprised. I know I lost lots of muscle since I got to this country, but I have not gained as much extra fat on top of that as I had expected. In the past I have been as heavy as 196lbs, so starting at 174 is just fine. Even cracking 170 will be a new experience, because I can't recall being under 170. I weighed in wearing jeans, post-breakfast, post-half a litre of water. One lady came up to me at the end of the meeting to tell me that I shouldn't weigh in with jeans, because they weigh a lot. To heck with that; I am not going to be one of those silly people who starve themselves all morning and then strip off half their clothes to weigh in.

The goal weight at right is not WW's goal weight. They don't talk to you about goal until you've lost 10% of your current weight. It's my goal weight. However, depending on how much muscle I manage to build, I would be happy with 140 also. I am not wedded to a number (unless the number is how many pounds I want to squat, bench and deadlift).

I found out that the group leader had lost 24Kg with WW, and also that she has five kids; nice!

After the meeting the group leader sat down with the newbies (me, one lady who said she had done Atkins and Bloodtype and still is not losing, older lady who seemed very shocked by the idea of drinking water, and wife of classmate) to explain the program. Apparently my point budget is 20pts, which seems a little sparse to me but we'll see how it goes. I'm not here to become a little WW calculator but to add a framework to the nutritional and exercise knowledge I already have, and if I find that I am hungry on 20pts I will eat more. Just not garbage.

Around noon I got to the university, which was quieter than usual due to a strike. I had lunch in the Education building cafeteria (chicken breast and red cabbage no mayo salad and a little couscous). Then I went to the library. I met my study partner who gave me a post-Purim mishloach manot... :-) I haven't opened it yet. I think that for next Purim I will put together savory mishlochei manot, or maybe fresh fruit baskets with herbal tea. And a single chocolate truffle.


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