Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday at the Shuk

Another Friday, another visit to the market. This time I emerged with oranges, strawberries, spinach, ginger and mint leaves. I also bought three chocolate bars which I have no interest in eating; they are for the mishloach manot (Purim custom of sending yummy stuff to your friends) I am putting together. I am rather fortunate in not liking most candy bars, chocolate bars, etc. I also don't like potato chips, or Bisli and Bamba, the Israeli snack foods. However, I can easily sit down with a loaf of fresh bread and a slab of butter and eat my way through it. Not that I've done any such thing recently.

The market was full of people, some in funny hats and costumes for the holiday. Towards the end of the day, as the market prepares to shut down for Shabbat, vendors drag tables out in front of their shops and start yelling and dropping prices so as to sell their remaining wares. Today the big sellers were strawberries, which were going for 4 NIS per kilo, and oznei haman, which were 10 NIS per kilo.

After the market I walked slowly to the centre of town, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I wanted to get flowers but I left it too late; I couldn't find anything I liked.

I'm still keeping the food log. I am looking forward to the meeting on Monday and getting started in earnest. Still not drinking enough water. I'm going to concentrate on drinking water this weekend. I'm going to be home all weekend doing homework. I have a paper due on March 31 and one due on April 3.

Yesterday I found a place to buy kosher sushi. It is a tiny shop on Luntz Street on the midrachov called Go Sushi. I read about it in last week's paper. It is mass produced sushi; no chef behind the counter chopping away, but it was decent and reasonably priced. 12 pieces of maki for 34 NIS.


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