Friday, April 01, 2005

48 Hours

48 hours left to finish the paper; I am planning to drop it in the profs' mailbox first thing Sunday morning. Sunday is a regular business day here.

I didn't get much done last night; I was a bit drained after the Yad Vashem visit. I stayed up too late, and on top of that the clocks were moved forward last night as we swtiched to daylight savings time, so I lost an hour of sleep. Also slipped on the water: 1.3 litres only for the day.

I bought a printer yesterday morning, the HP PSC 1315. I'm not usually so decisive so quickly. I can stretch a purchase out for weeks while I look at different things and check out more stores and more models, and even continue to look after I made the purchase. I think this is a result of how I (as a fat woman) shop for clothes. It's all about "What if I gain weight... maybe I should wait till I lose weight... it's too expensive... it is flattering... it isn't flattering...maybe I'll find something else...what are the odds that I'll find something else..." and similarly idiotic thought bubbles. So I am pleased that, having decided to buy the printer on Wednesday, I checked three stores and completed the purchase and then unpacked, installed and printed something by Thursday.


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